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I'm one of those who finds it challenging to use a knife and fork if they're not of the same type, that would rather have no more than two bedding sets, and that needs somewhere to empty my mind to try to make sense of it all. This blog is that place.

I'm a teacher, bassist and all-round nerd living in Oslo, Norway. Oh, and my name is Erlend (pronounced like "Allen").

Due to my too wide range of interest, this website will feature varying bits of content. Therefore, feel free to click your way to your desired subject, if you don't want to read about everything from educational politics to way to long thoughts about clothing.

I'd love to hear from you, so you're very welcome to contact me via Telegram og send me an email! ⚓

My dog is a big eurasier.
Vincent and me.

Feature image by Jeremy Bishop.

Thanks to Pine for the starting point of the website theme.

Big thanks to Glenn Karlsen for the logo design.

And most of all, thanks to Shako for invaluable help with the website in general.

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