Slow Fashion

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Textiles and shoes are behind 8 % of the world's emissions, and with ultra-fast fashion gaining speed, I want to do my part to spread the word on slow fashion.

The last five years I've been working towards reshaping my wardrobe around the ethos of "buying less, but better things". Whenever I have to buy something new, I try to follow a few guiding principles. I'll write articles on the different principles later!

Good repairability

Especially when it comes to shoes, this is important to check. Throwing away shoes with broken soles, is like trashing your car when it needs new tires.

Natural fabrics

65 % (2016) of all clothes are made of synthetic materials - mostly polyester aka. plastic. A lot of this has poor quality and fills the oceans with microplastics. I try to buy stuff made of things like cotton, linen, leather and wool - while this also should come from good sources.

Ethicaly made

This can be a bit complicated, as it's not just looking at where it's made. But if you want to be totally sure, just buy used!

Timeless style

If you buy stuff that's made properly and that you can repair, it can really last you a long time. Then it's important that you won't hate the way you look when next years trends comes along. Buy sometihng that's timeless, but also something that can fit you all right, even if you put on or lose some weight.

And how many pieces of clothing do we really need in our wardrobe?

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